Lost & Found Cabaret evening

Thank you to talented Kate Gilbert, Zoë Mills, Haylin Cai and Jon Davison of The Lost & Found Cabaret for a brilliant and bizarre night of immersive cabaret. We were riveted from beginning to end. You left us with such a sweet message that really touched on a universal truth. Beautifully crafted. Come back again soon…

Welcome to the Lost & Found, an imaginarium of lost and found things, time, memories and souls. An immersive theatre experience, set in the unique and quirky surroundings of Joe Lounge, amongst the antiques, vinyl and nick-nacks. The evening includes a set menu of Tapas and a drink made in house.

Come to find yourself in a poem, a song or at the bottom of the bottle. Enjoy a moment of alchemy and leave transformed or at least sated. Either way, join us for an extraordinary evening of theatre, food and drink as we journey our way through the Lost & Found.

Performed by: Zoe Mills, Kate Gilbert and Haylin Hex and the voice of Omri Rose
Directed by: Jon Davison

Here’s what one of our lovely audience members had to say about The Lost & Found cabaret show

‘A wonderful production that really fitted the space’

‘ A fantastic show’


‘Absolutely extraordinary!’

‘Amazing fun, really gentle, tender, delightful, sweet, funny, hilarious, musical and incredibly entertaining’

You can read more about it at the Lost&Found facebook page 

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