Joe Food Press Release

Tell us about the new food menu at Joe Lounge London?

Joe: The Tapas menu we have created is influenced by the flavours of southern Spain. Simple but packed full of flavour.

Was there anything in particular you had in mind when putting it together?

Joe: We wanted to offer a 100% Vegan menu because quite frankly there is far too much meat being consumed, it’s been the direction the bar has been going in for some time. When it comes to food delivery Vegan is by far the safer and healthier option!

What is your favourite dish on the menu?

Joe: The griddle aubergine for instance has a marinade that takes 24hrs to maximise the depth of flavour (my favourite) and was a favourite at the bar, pre-lockdown.

Are there any ingredients you are obsessed with at the moment?

Cook: Different types of paprika mixed together: Hot, Sweet and Smoked.

Joe’s passion is Cinchona Bark and its extraordinary history. The bark is at the heart of the bar’s DNA. The ambition was to set-up a bar where all drinks were made in-house. Cinchona bark is the origins of Tonic, with 50 Alkaloids the best known been Quinine, Cinchona has served humanity as one of the most important medicinal herbs discovered. What we know as the Cinchona tree was originally called the fever tree, For the Europeans the cinchona was discovered in the 16th Century by Jesuit Priests. Cinchona basically works by stimulating the auto immune system.

What inspires you to cook?

Cook: Food is all about people, culture and uniting us together, where do people congregate in the house mostly, the kitchen ! |


JOE, 28-30 Church Road
London, United Kingdom

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