At JOE we make everything but the alcohol at our own little drinks factory behind our Drinks cafe in Crystal Palace

We call it a Drinks Cafe, you may describe it differently but it is not a Pub nor is it a Cocktail Bar. It’s a space where you get to drink a drink that has been cooked up or steeped on the premises.

On Tuesday the fruit, spices and honey arrives and by Thursday our exciting range of drinks are ready to be served.

We have perfected our own delicious range of Tonics using Cinchona in the traditional way, Bitter, Sweet, floral, fruity, all made in house to pair perfectly with our Gins and Vodkas. But as with all our drinks, they taste great on their own.

Botanical and Medicinal with the taste of fresh fruit without any need for additives to add shelf life.

Our range of Sodas, Syrups and Mocktails all work brilliantly with our well-chosen Gins, Vodkas, Rums and whiskeys.

We play records and are happy for you to put on a record too, we have a record collection on the shelves next to the decks.