Tonic Water

Our made-in-house tonic waters are created using the whole of the cinchona bark. Pair with one of our gins or vodkas or ask for our recommendation.

Original tonic


Chilli, Lime & Mint

Grapefruit & Lime

Apricot & Peach

Rhubarb, Rose & Pink Pepper

Mango & Peach


Fruits steeped in honey to release their juices and flavours with roots and herbs added for slightly more complex flavours. All natural ingredients put together to give a flavoursome, refreshing and interesting drink without the......... I'd say shit, you’d say something nice maybe.

Pineapple & Mint

Raspberry & Lime

Pomegranate & Turmeric

Rhubarb & Apple

Fig & Cinnamon

Dandelion & Burdock

A classic using only dandelion and burdock roots, herbs and spices

Cola by JOE

Our take on a classic, using a range of citrus fruits, herbs and spices


Whether it's Gin, Vodka, Rum, Bourbon, Whisky, Tequila or Cognac - we source spirits that best compliment our tonics and mixers. Much of our selection is small batch, and we can make specific recommendations based on your tonic/mixer selections.

Light Beer & Ale

Wiper & True, Er Boqueron, La Virgen Jamonera, La Soccarada, Brewski Mangofeba DIPA, Brew By Nos Pils, Redchurch Brick Lane Lager, Brick Peckham Pils

Stout & Porter

Westerham Double Stout, Wiper & True Milk Shake, Kernel Export India Porter


Somewhere Dry, Somewhere Semi Dry

Red Wine

Legato Nero D'Avola

Carmen Reserve Pinot Noir

White Wine

Ca 'di Ponti Grillo

Revenant Sauv-Blanc/Chenin


Cuvée Jean-Pau

La Picoutine