Pollo Allo a la Paprika Ahumada

Smoked paprika chicken with chorizo peppers and chickpeas

 Cerdo con Cirullas

Pork braised in wine and prunes


Meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce

 Setas con Gambas & Fino

Oyster Mushroom cooked with Fino sherry, garlic and prawns

 Gigantes con Hinojo & Limon

Giant butterbeans cooked with fennel, wine, dill and preserved lemons

 Pimentos Rellenos

Stuffed pepper with paella rice, pine nuts, raisins and olives

Berenjenas Rojas 

Griddled Aubergines in a spicy thyme, garlic and sundried tomato 


A trio of mixed vegetarian cupcake size Spanish Omelettes 

Alubuas con Pinon 

Green beans with garlic and pine nuts