Carne tapas

Pollo Con Ajo

Chicken cooked with white wine, garlic & paprika

Carne Con Salsa

Pork shoulder cooked in white wine with a hint of saffron and paprika


Meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce.


Salt Cod, orange, potato and olive salad

Vegetarian tapas


Spanish omelette with potato, roasted pepper and courgette (veg)

Patatas Alioli

Potatoes in garlic mayonnaise (Veg)

Vegan tapas

Champoines Con Ajo

Mushrooms cooked in olive oil and garlic (Vegan)

Alubias Con Pinon

Green beans with garlic and pine nuts (Vegan)

Pimentos Asados

Roasted peppers with a lemon, parsley, & mint dressing (Vegan)

Espinacas Con Garbanzos

Chickpea & Spinach


Barrel aged Feta, smoked almonds and honey

Picos de Europa blue cheese, served with honey


Chocolate Chilli & Tequila

Persian Orange

Banana, Rum & Coffee

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If you have food allergies, please inform the staff Our entire menu may contain nuts, please ask staff